Urodynamics refers to a group of procedures that are performed to examine voiding (urinating) disorders. The goal of the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders is to both protect the kidneys and keep the patient dry. Any procedure designed to provide information about a bladder problem is called a urodynamic test. The type of test you take depends on your problem.


Most urodynamic testing focuses on the bladder’s ability to empty steadily and completely. The tests also can show whether or not the bladder is having abnormal contractions, which cause leakage. Your doctor will want to know whether you have difficulty starting a urine stream, how hard you have to strain to maintain it, whether the stream is interrupted, and whether any urine is left in your bladder when you are done. The urodynamic test is a precise measurement using sophisticated instruments.


The different tests include:

  • Uroflowmetry
  •  Postvoid residual
  • Cystometry (cystometrogram – CMG)
  • Measurement of leak point pressure
  • Pressure flow study
  • Electromyography

Louisiana Urology has portable urodynamic testing equipment, so we will be able to schedule your testing in the most convenient office for you.